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Moin Uddin

Software developer

Hello 👋

I'm Moin Uddin

a full stack developer from Islamabad 🇵🇰

I create web and mobile apps.

Well, that was rude.

😒 But I guess you are in hurry.

🙏 appreciate it!

I can make you website/app from scratch or tweak whatever you already have.

On technical side, I prefer to work on frontend stuff but don't mind the backend either.

my recent side projects are 🚍 Metro, URL Meta and Synced.

I research UX patterns and apply wherever I can.

see some of the other stuff I've made

Here is my resume and Github if you wanna have a looksy.

Yay!!! ✨✨ looking forward to it.

😏 I think you are. If you still want to contact..

Email at [email protected], call 92 300 9230307 or send a message.